About Batty Kitten

I’m Cat, a Sagittarius. Artist. Creative. Mother. Business Owner. Maker. Lover. Facilitator of Awesome. Blooming Photographer. Klown. Compassionate Soul. I am BattyKitten. Consciousness Explorer. Love Gifter. Dreamer. Christian turned Hippy, who is dedicated to communicating love and living fearlessly.

I’m constantly trying to feed the wanderlust desires, tame the inner chatter, practice more positivity and embrace the unimaginable dreams I conjure and live in Light. I sum my life up by saying: “I’m on a great adventure of Self Mastery.” Each day I learn new things about myself. Each day is an opportunity to change the things that didn’t work the day before. I look forward curiously; like each day is a new adventure. A new story.

At BattyKitten I will share triumphs, heart aches and failed attempts, ridiculous syncronicities, and the silly antics I play. I hope this site will inspire you through your own  creative approach of life and self mastery; May you find your inner peace.

Please grab a cup of tea or coffee, light a candle, turn on your favorite playlist and dive in! I believe in the power of stories, the strength of mentorship and the blessings from divine spirituality.

Thank you for letting me share my life and stories with you.

Bless your life,