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Chicken Pot Pie

It’s really cold outside. I mean REALLY cold. Well, at least for Northern California.

So today I threw together a homemade chicken pot pie and when it’s out of the oven, I’m going to serve up a bowl and curl …


Vintage Inspired Feather and Floral Headpieces

I’m excited to announce that BattyKitten has opened its virtual doors! Everyone say “YAY!”

I have created a series of vintage inspired 1930’s and 1940’s headpieces. Each are created on a fabric base that is hand sewn by moi with …

Isaac Bailey Photography

Inspiring Creative Spaces


I have a deep love for texture and a romance of anything colorful and well presented with organization and flair. Yvonne has a lovely minimalist sewing room with loads of room for spreading out to work on large projects. …

sentimental chaos

When all the life force ceases,
rhythmic heartbeats halt,
merry-go-round thoughts twirl inside your skull.
Chaos becomes comfort,
dreadery becomes reality,
bitterness becomes a black,
cold dangerous poison.
Longing for grasp,
desires continue to stir within;
that horses trample inside…