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Looking forward to the iPhone 5

It’s been over a year that I have had an Android. The Evo HTC model to be exact. I have had mutliple problems with the unit over and over again. I switched from AT&T iPhone to Sprint HTC EVO because …


A little cold to bring it back to home

I detest being ill. Having inflamation in my head and sinus cavity roadblock mixed with the confusing drip of snot makes me super grumpy. Addititonally the faint taste of salty flem trickles down the back of the throat and when …

Fairy Helmet Top

Paper Mache Masks

Today’s medium is paper mache. I have been feeling creative but have been battling a cold and didn’t have loads of energy to exert. Sitting at the table and cutting and pasting paper like I learned in primer school seemed …

Overall, this space is exactly what I think I am looking for. The color blends feel masculine, the stripes help reinforce masculinity while pinks and reds add a hint of femininity to the room. A perfect balance.

Inspiring Bedrooms

I’ve been contemplating my boys bedroom for a while now. Two teenage boys sharing a bedroom for the first time since they were toddlers is gonna be challenging for the entire family.

There isn’t a lot of “shared rooms” examples …


OOPS, so Cheeky and Sweet

Second bottle of the eventing a CHEEKY little red from Valle Central Chile. This is a Carmenere Merlot, it’s a little sweeter fresh out of the bottle. It’s a very mild and faint spicy fragrance but hits the back of …