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Slow Carb Diet: Cuban Influenced Pulled Pork

Pork Roast- this one is a shoulder

Sear the pork roast in a pan with 2 tablespoons oil until all sides are brown. This seals in the liquid so that the roast will be more tender and fall apart.…


Slow Carb Diet: Red Chili Chicken Chili with Beans

This was today’s lunch. Red Chili Chicken Chili with Beans. It’s delicious. I think you should make it. RIGHT NOW!I actually made this out of a few left overs in my fridge. I am really good at recycling food so …

Burrito before rolled

Slow Carb Diet: Egg Burrito and Salsa

Now on a low carb or slow carb diet flour or corn tortillas are a big no no. You will see in this post how I made the shell for my burrito out of the egg mixture by cooking it …

Diet and Nutrition: Getting Started

It’s all about mind control.  Self Control not restrictions, but positive reenforcement. How? well, I don’t know how it works best for you, but for me, it takes a few weeks of  “primming the wheel” to fully get started.  Basically …


Diet and Nutrition: Introduction

I have put on a lot of the weight over the last 4 1/2 years. Previously, I had  spent  over a year losing weight and concentrating on diet, nutrition and the value of quality food I eat.

I grew up …