A little cold to bring it back to home

I detest being ill. Having inflamation in my head and sinus cavity roadblock mixed with the confusing drip of snot makes me super grumpy. Addititonally the faint taste of salty flem trickles down the back of the throat and when …

Overall, this space is exactly what I think I am looking for. The color blends feel masculine, the stripes help reinforce masculinity while pinks and reds add a hint of femininity to the room. A perfect balance.

Inspiring Bedrooms

I’ve been contemplating my boys bedroom for a while now. Two teenage boys sharing a bedroom for the first time since they were toddlers is gonna be challenging for the entire family.

There isn’t a lot of “shared rooms” examples …


Rescue ducklings last day

While driving down a California highway this beautiful Memorial Day weekend we halted at the sight of ducklings trying to find their way from harms way. My guy risked his own safety ( boys and girls do not try this …


Gypsy Lee Rose 1911 – 1970

For her stage name she took Gypsy, a nickname she derived from her hobby of reading tea leaves, and combined it with her real first name, Rose, and Lee, which she added on a whim. As Gypsy Rose Lee she …


Time Management: Starting out with EVERNOTE

I am a planner, stationary junkie and textile freak. I have designed dozens of  planners over the years. Each time trying to customize it to my ever changing lifestyle of family, work, home school and playtime.  I love pen, paper …