Digging Up Emotional Artifacts


We all have it, and we don’t want to talk about it. Yet most of us struggle with it everyday. We hide it, complain about it. Constantly looking at all the things still hurting us after all these years?

Let’s tuck that in the backpack and keep toting it around! Ok?! Yea, that feels… FAMILIAR.

Being attached to that familiarity can really hang us up.

Baggage. Deep sorrow. Anger. Abuse. Loss. Guilt. Paralyzing. Things  we hold on to ’cause we don’t know how to LET.IT.GO. Instead we carry this stuff like pebbles in our pockets and in our emotional backpacks. It’s heavy. It’s apart of us. We live with it. The weight. The soreness of carrying such a load.  It’s difficult to confront.  The reality is, if we want to move past what hinders us, we have to look at it, examine it and get to know it.

How do you examine things that hurt? The things that make you cry? The things that frighten you ?

Life is full of disappointments.  Over coming heart ache and disappointment is often difficult without direction, often leaving hopelessness and dispair. I certainly have felt hopeless a time or two in my life. If this process is too overwhelming, seek professional help. Find someone you can confide in that will offer you the support to move past and grow through the process.

Tired of feeling trapped? Take the steps to dig deep, find the courage to examine the pain.

You’re worth it.

Some of us have very tragic memories that require professional help. Please use your discretion and take care of yourself if you are one of these people. I am not offering professional advice here. I am not a doctor or a licensed therapist. My ideas and experiences are my own and will not work for everyone. Please seek professional to deal with severe trauma.


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