Love Letters to Yourself

During a difficult time in my life I realized how easily I became disconnected from myself.
 How little I took my own advice. How little I cared for myself . I’m a nurturer, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking care of others, but at the end of the day, I haven’t always followed through with basic selfcare. Things like exercise or eating more than one meal a day, drinking enough water or not always caring for my emotional and spiritual needs.


I decided that I wanted to be my own best friend, so I started a series in my daily journaling;  writing a love letter to myself each day. I have a few guidelines when I am writing a letter to myself.

1.Be truthful.

2. Write with compassion and encouragement.

3. Speak to the NOW without predictions or assumptions.

It was a brilliant idea. I reread my love letters  when I’m in need of a confidence boost.

Here is an entry from 2013 that I wanted to share. I hope you are loving to yourself. Taking care of your body, nurturing your soul and smiling at the things that make you happy.

Today you are as beautiful as the sun. Your love radiates your warmth. Your light brightens the path it shines on. 
The past few years have been a struggle for you but the struggle isn’t the end of you. It’s been good for you to reflect on your life and where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going; even if your path isn’t clearly defined, that’s ok.
Don’t hide your rays of sunlight; you have so many things to offer yourself. I know you’re scared of commitment when you feel little control, but being involved with things you believe in will give you a sense of purpose. BELIEVING in you is the BEST gift to give yourself.
Continue to love yourself. Be kind to yourself and visualize love guiding your steps.
Don’t plague yourself with guilt, doubt and fear. Your thoughts are valid. Your dreams are valid. Your goals and desires are not selfish.
Use what you know to establish yourself, One day at a time, one choice at a time. Eventually, it will take you where you want to go.
Listen to your heart. Heed your own advice and challenge your reluctance by moving past it little by little while reflecting on the good that lives inside you. Instead of dwelling on the “what if’s” or “why didn’t I”; You’re HERE NOW, and this is a good place to to excel, grow and manifest your desires from.
I’m here with you. I am your guide, your friend and your support. I AM YOUR CONSTANT and I love you because you are amazing!
Love Always,

Instant ‘Feel Good’ !
Take a chance, tell yourself something beautiful, true and comforting.


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