Universal Yearning

Hoping you have a bigger and better future is most likely a huge incentive for you to wake up everyday; better friends, better life experiences, MORE fun and enjoyment , hope to repair relationships, hope for that dream job and  hope that you will find your path. I call it universal yearning of hope.

From a very early age my intuition gave my mother cause to tell me ” When you grow up you will help so many people with that compassion of yours.”  I was still in elementary school. I bet after she told me, I looked up at her with my big eyes and asked to go outside to play. Perhaps my mother hasn’t given it anymore thought, but it has resonated with me to this day. My entire life I have ping ponged between leadership roles and roles of servitude. Both of which I naturally excel at. Without adequate training things just come to me and I have a sense, an intuition that guides with loving nurturing, unconditional love.  I’m grateful that I can be so inspiring.

This ability to compassionately give advice, listen, help, nurture has caused me to realize more and more that I really want a Psychology degree of some sort. I am not really wanting to go through the motions of taking tests, studying in areas that I am not interested in just so that I can get to the meat of the course work. But I really really want to help people.  I am now a firm believer, more than ever, that you should DO what you love.

My previous post was about fear. Fear gets in the way of a lot of things. We use it to make excuses so we don’t have to move forward with the necessary steps to make dreams happen.  Here’s a great quote you may want to jot down and paste on your fridge.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”
– Thomas Jefferson

I have other things I want to do with myself. Lots of dreams, goals and ambitious desires. What I don’t have is the courage to do all of them. I’m out of practice.  I’ve been slacking.  I think that facing and acknowledging the fear in my life while simultaneously examining my dreams and goals, I could kill two birds with one stone. Maybe reduce the processing time it takes to sort through emotions such as self doubt and fear.

I’m gonna be practical. I’ve decided that making  things a reality requires me going back to my daily to do lists. Time to force the issue! I am ‘ a write it down and check it off’  kind of girl.  The completion of the task and the reward of checking it off a list is like the golden metallic star you get in grade school! Few things feel as good as being  ‘proud of YOURSELF!’

SO, I will be taking it day by day the old fashion way:

  1. Set a dream, decide immediate, short and then long term goals.
  2. Pull out the calendar and start planning weekly tasks until the dream is a reality.
Are you sitting on a dream? Wasting it on self doubt and fear? Will you continue the insanity? Or will you face your fear, resist your insecurities and start making a plan? It’s as easy as taking one step at a time. The hardest part is planning the route!
May all your dreams come true. And when they do, please share them with me.


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