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I know there are lots of websites devoted to cooking. This site isn’t devoted to cooking perse, but I hope to inspire you to create better choices for optimal health.  There’s no doubt that food plays a HUGE part in our lives. It nourishes us, fuels us and comforts us. This is my journey to take control of some bad eating habits (eating late before bed) and restructuring MY diet. The trick will be making this process as convenient as possible because frankly,  I don’t want to spend hours everyday in the kitchen prepping, cooking and cleaning.

Every week I will post

  •  A Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipe
  • Cookbooks and  links to websites used for recipes
  •  A grocery list based on the things I need to purchase at the grocery store.  (your list will vary based on your pantry’s contents)

I’m a fan of plan ahead cooking.  I shop for a two week period (with the exception of purchasing fresh produce, which I do weekly) from a predetermine menu which I plan, then spend one day in the kitchen prepping, chopping, cooking and packaging food for the entire two weeks.

It’s so nice to open the fridge and have immediate options when I’m hungry eliminating last minute eating,  impulse choices, and spending money eating out for food that will only make me feel guilty for indulging on several levels.

Here’s to long life, good food and lots of laughs around the dinner table.

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