Diet and Nutrition: RAW Cancer Treatment

A raw food diet to heal cancer?

Last week I got a text from my mother. The news wasn’t something you’d want to come in form of a text message. But she was in the hospital and couldn’t make a phone call since the hospital rules are not to have a cellular device turned on at all. My mother, who is a very attractive 74 year old woman and who taught herself to text, wrote to tell me that my brother has cancer. He has it in his lungs, his throat, his liver and there is a ‘spot’ of something on his brain. Further more, he is in stage IV.

Naturally, I cried.

This has really had me searching my own habits and rethinking all the nutritional study I have done over the past few years. Which brings me to the Raw Diet which is made up  of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds and grains, dried fruit and juices, rolled or flaked grains, herbs and spices. Some people add cooked grains and legumes, good quality fish and poultry.

Now eating “raw” may seem primitive and I am not an advocate of eating raw beef, chicken etc. (Sushi grade fish and oysters are all this girl can handle raw) but there’s real SCIENCE behind the “eating a raw food diet” approach. Science proves that cooking not only destroys nutrition and enzymes, but chemically changes foods from the substances needed for health into free-radicals and poisons that destroy our health!

On average,  most home cooks, cook the nutrients and vitamins right out of the food. Companies are over processing and putting chemicals in our foods to preserve them during transit or to give them longer shelf life. Most of these chemicals are man made and toxic in some form to our bodies.  Causing many many Autoimmune Disease.

The raw food diet suggests  food temperature to be between  104 degrees and 125  degrees Fahrenheit. Once again Wikipedia has a pretty good page on raw food dieting. I would do some more research about the temperatures. I have seen other resources indicate temperature can go as high as 130 degrees. You can also see references to raw food cookbooks on the Wikipedia link.

So I hope you have a pretty good understanding that food not fully cooked and that is organic and fresh, is very good for our bodies.  In fact, this website is chalked FULL of information on eating and living a raw lifestyle. No reason to reinvent the wheel, I will simply link you to the resource.

Now, why is the raw food diet linked to healing cancer? Good question.  There are thousands of articles scattered across the internet about the subject. So you should do some research on your own and decide how you feel about the topic. It makes perfect since to me. We have established that cooking food destroys 100% of all enzymes in a food.  Many foods contain the necessary enzymes needed to digest that food (and get the nutrients out of the food), cooking it places a great burden on our body which doesn’t allow you to get as many nutrients from the food. In short, cooking food does damage the “value” of the food. Now we are going to look at nutrition in our foods. Again, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. I’m resourceful so check out this link for nutritional facts about FRUIT and VEGETABLES from

Some produce is better at fighting or healing cancer. If cancer is what you’re up against, then those are the foods to be focused on.

Here is a link to Diana Dyer, MS, RD blog and website where she talks about her own battle with cancer 3 times and how she over came it with diet and nutrition.

This is Janette’s story of how she overcame cancer which she believes was healed due to proper diet and nutrition.

Finally, a story about Dr. Kirstine Nolfi from Denmark set in the 50’s and her battle with breast cancer and the nutrition and diet changes she made to heal herself.

There is one more link I would like to share. The Cancer Tutor. Its to a site that is LOADED with information. Again, I am not advocating that any of these methods are correct. I am sharing my opinion based on my own research and I am in no way medically qualified to give you advise. If you have cancer or symptoms, please see a doctor, do your own research and determine with the aid of your family and doctors what the best course of action for your healing is. I hope that the resources and information I have provided helps your body heal.







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