Meal Planning: Once a Month Cooking

Once a month cooking caught my eye years ago when my husband at the time earned a once a month salary.  So we didn’t really have a choice but to plan an entire months grocery list. Whether I kept the money in an envelope and used what we needed a week at a time or bought it all at once. Me being a bing grocery shopper, it was more fun and satisfying to buy most of what we needed for the entire month. Milk and eggs seemed to be the only items that got purchased on an as needed basis.

So what is Once a Month Cooking? It’s sounds appealing huh? Once a month cooking is the process of planning all your meals, doing all the prep for those meals, some pre-cooking and popping everything into the freezer bundle nicely together in your own “convince meals”.

What are the benefits?

  1. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk
  2. Organic produce and food is now an option for convince food because you are making it yourself.
  3. You’re spending 2 days or so doing all the work instead of a few hours everyday prepping, cooking and cleaning.
  4. You’re still getting a home cooked meal.
  5. Product control- you know what’s in your food. More and more people have food allergies or illness such   as diabetes and corn syrup is in EVERYTHING. This is just one more weapon in your arsenal for healthy living.

Determining your dietary needs is the first thing then take off from there. I decided that I would take a look on the web for other Once a Month sites and was thrilled to find a few that caught my eye. So instead of me trying to re-invent the wheel, I will let you check out what these other folks have to say on the subject. has a pdf that you can download to help you stay organized.  Click here for a step-by-step guide for once a month meal planning. The site also has a drop down menu on the left hand side bar that gives you the option of choosing the meal you would like to plan for. For instance Freezer Cooking Breakfast is one of the options.

And wouldn’t you know that there is a page on Facebook for 30 Day Gourmet Freezer Cooking.

Go from eating prepackaged foods

with lots of chemicals and preservatives to…

healthy choices and  knowing exactly what you are feeding your family.

Try it. It’s very rewarding and satisfying!



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