Slow Carb Diet: Egg Burrito and Salsa

Now on a low carb or slow carb diet flour or corn tortillas are a big no no. You will see in this post how I made the shell for my burrito out of the egg mixture by cooking it on a hot skillet like a crepe.

Here are the ingredients I used today for breakfast. Plus a red bell pepper that was on the skillet grilling when I took this picture.

This recipe makes four servings.






Burrito before rolled

1 can tomatoes (you can use whole or diced because they are going into the food processor for the salsa)
1 small can of green chili
1 avocado
Fresh cilantro -1/4 cup chopped
Fresh parsley- 1/4 cup chopped
Juice from 1 lemon
1 red pepper sliced and grilled
1 whole egg
1 can refried beans or left over beans and put them in food processor to mash
1 TBS butter for skillet



Cut red bell pepper pour and rinse out seeds. Slice into thick chunks and gently carve away the white skin and discard. Slice peppers into long thin strips.











Cook peppers on a dry hot skillet. This works as a grill and will grill the peppers with no added fat from butter or oil. You could do a traditional saute if you want with butter in a stainless steel pan.











After removing the peppers lower the  flame or temperature for the skillet. This will help avoid burning your eggs. Egg whites cook faster than a whole egg. This might be a little tricky for some but it is not a difficult task at all. Just make sure your pan or skillet is at a medium heat setting . If your burner or flame runs too hot, adjust accordingly.

Add 1 TBS butter

This will keep the eggs from sticking to the pan.











Add 3 servings of egg whites, 1 whole egg into a bowl and whisk as if you are scrambling the eggs.

*Sidenote: Egg whites are in the dairy department at grocery stores. It’s a basic item, most large stores will carry it. I prefer it to having to separate my own, especially in the morning. Separating whole eggs seem wasteful to me  since I don’t need the yolks for anything.







Pour whisked eggs  onto  buttered hot skillet or pan. Let  cook for 2 minutes then cover with a lid for 2 minutes to let it steam the top of the eggs. I did this so that I didn’t have to try to flip a 10 inch in diameter egg pancake before my coffee had completely kicked in. If you are an expert, this may not seem so scary.

This is the shell to your burrito. Do not over cook it.











Before or after the eggs have cooked, prepare the other parts of the burrito.

I forgot to take a photo of the refried beans.  I used left over beans from another meal by mixing them in the food processor and then reheating them. The beans will be the first layer on your burrito.

Cut the avocado in half, cut lines into it all the way to the shell but not cutting through the shell. Squeeze gently and scoop out with a spoon sliding the spoon around the edges of the avocado flesh and the skin.











For the Salsa:

You can use store bought salsa. Check the labels. Most have added sugar. I prefer my own special recipe but this is a fast and condensed version of that.

In the processor add

1 can of tomatoes

1 sm can of green chili

1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro

1/4 cup of chopped fresh parsley

Salt to taste

Juice of one lemon to taste

Blend until a smooth consistency. It can be as chunky or as liquid as you like.











Pour Salsa in a bowl.











When egg is done cooking, place on a large dinner plate and start layering the filling.




Burrito before salsa











Last I poured salsa on the burrito, rolled it and cut it into two pieces. This was enough to serve myself and my guy.

Burrito before rolled










In the extra shell, I layered beans and peppers. The next morning  put salsa and avocado on the burrito so that it would be fresh. Just warm it up in the microwave, add salsa and avocado. This was another 2 servings. If you wanted to freeze this cut it in half and wrap in saranwrap. Be sure to label it so you can remember what it is. When you are ready to eat it, microwave and serve. Enjoy.

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