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I have a deep love for texture and a romance of anything colorful and well presented with organization and flair. Yvonne has a lovely minimalist sewing room with loads of room for spreading out to work on large projects. Those of us with small creative spaces are sure to have space ENVY.


Sewing Room
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Danielle’s sewing space is a humble little corner in her living room. Her home decor is a delightful childlike throwback to the midcentury making the best use of 60’s and 70’s color scheme I think I have ever seen.

I love her whimsy and I can tell from her space, this is someone I could have a good time getting to know.

Danielle’s Flickr set


4 Men 1 Lady


This room makes me really happy. I love her color choices and fantasize about this color pallet in my own creative space. This multi-functional rooms such as these need great organizational solutions. Great use of shelves and storage!

Lovely! Simply Lovely.

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This is a sweet delicate and feminine space. It appeals to my love for shabby chic, Tuscan and ethnic eclectic decors. I love the subtle shades of color, traditional old world painted furnishings and the touches of whimsy. So far, this example best represents my own personal tastes.



This is a beautifully simple art studio. I love the the most basic necessities are present without a lot of clutter to confuse the mind while creating. It’s a space that provides clear focus, sense of space and pure light. Brilliant!

Art Studio
and a second look…
Art Studio

From the Right Bank


[divider_line] Kelly has it all, natural light, hard wood floors for easy clean up and all the space I dream about. Beautifully done.
new art studio!!!

Kelly A


Palm Tree Princess

[divider_line] LOOK at this color bomb! I adore it. This is not the work space for me. But I admire almost everything about it. It’s organized and cluttered with active projects all at the same time. It’s fun, warm and cheerful. There is no way you could be grumpy in this room. Ever!

art studio

What a wonderful example of bringing personality of your art right into your space.

art studio

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