2011 Temple of Transition

The Temple of Transition was very special to me. What a glorious project. It was not only architecturally beautiful, the spirits it carried were even more beautiful.

I placed a humble altar for my father who recently passed on the wall of one of the 52 foot tall tiered hexagonal towers off of the one central 120 foot  tall tiered hexagonal tower, honoring his 85 years of life. The tower was called ‘ Tower of Growth’.

Saying “goodbye”  has been more difficult than I imagined it would ever be. But I wasn’t alone. Scribed all over the temple walls were imprints of sorrow from loved ones that had passed. It was incredibly emotional and touching all at the same time.

The burning of the temple is the final evening of Burning Man. The man burns on Saturday night, the temple on Sunday night. I carried the dread of saying “goodbye” with me all week. Underneath the fun, just under the surface there  was the sorrow carried with me to the playa. Everything I did; I did with my father and brother in mind, the love I have for them and the wish to have shared such a glorious community spirit with them, mixed with appreciating every living moment with my children, my love and the wonderful friends my community has given me.

Thursday morning before the temple burn, my beloved and I spent the dark before sunrise riding around the playa, arriving at the temple during the sunrise hour. This was my favorite day.  The spirit was beautiful, the air was crisp, the hearts were both heavy and light who graced the sacred space. My wonder carried me to read the scribbles that so many others had etched on its tender timber. With tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat, I collected photos of the words that meant something to me that intense morning.

Chimes from the main temple hummed in the background as I delicately tip toed around hundreds of individuals, reading and taking photos. Some crying, some with their eyes closed swaying back and forth in a comfort cradle of their own souls, others still struggling to articulate their thoughts and feelings onto the wood for a future incarnation. The experience was intense, sacred, humbling and beautiful.

Below is a simple video I put together to remember the words I collected that day. I added photos taken by other photographers of the temple and credited them on the images that correspond. All other photos are mine.


A sweet addendum to this story. Tex found a photo on flickr of something he scribed on the temple.


Thank you, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tensafefrogs/

Tex has adopted this philosophy long ago. But in all reality, was viewed as being selfish. The reality is, if you are doing what you love, you are happier. If you are happier, you give off a positive energy that attracts more positive energy. It has been tremendous to watch the manifestations in our lives because of his beautifully demonstrated positive out look on life.

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