Burnal Equinox 2012

I go to Burning Man. I am a Burner. I am a participant, are a few of the mantras that we Burners chant proudly. This Burnal Equinox was spent supporting my guy and his inspiring project, Why The Nose? that he will be taking  to the Playa this year for Burning Man. The goal is to bring 50,000 red foam noses to the playa, secured in plastic containers, posted around Burning Man at host camps. Burners can grab a nose from the WTN station and wear it on the Playa. Hopefully, Wednesday, (dubbed Why the Nose Wednesday by my youngest off spring) everyone with a nose will proudly wear it to fertilize change.

Huh? Wear a clown nose to fertilize change? Yes, that is exactly what I said.

My guy wears a clown nose almost everywhere he goes to encourage playfulness from spectators who are beaten down by the mundane rituals of their lives. It also sparks smiles and allows interactions with those that need to be snapped out of their shell.

People approach him to talk to him, complimenting the nose, the gesture, the sentiment. Their eyes light up with joy and their face smiles big as he strolls through life with this red appendage leading the way.

So, hopefully, it is the wish of Why the Nose Wednesday and the presence of all the clown noses, that Burners will take this message home with them where ever they reside. Wear the nose and be a disciple of joy, change, silliness and hopefully spark something in someone that touches their lives. There are many stories at Why the Nose. Take a look and read other’s testimonies and experiences. You may also want to visit the Facebook page and become a fan. You can also read about Why the Nose Wednesday here.

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