Time Management: Starting out with EVERNOTE

I am a planner, stationary junkie and textile freak. I have designed dozens of  planners over the years. Each time trying to customize it to my ever changing lifestyle of family, work, home school and playtime.  I love pen, paper and the art of hand writing so adjusting to the new technologies of handheld digital calendaring has been hard for me. Even though I was a first adopter of the smart phone, I have constantly struggled with or whether not to have a physical agenda book.

While I was a huge fan of a bulky paper planner, my favorite being Franklin Covey when I wasn’t sporting my own DIY model, I tired of being weighed down with such a monstrosity in my purse or tote.


Real quick here is my favorite Franklin Planner page, though I always got something printed with a design, this shows the basic structure.

I am constantly looking for the next best thing that will help me be more efficient than before. I found Evernote when it first launched and subscribed immediately but didn’t really feel it was working for me. I finally figured out how to make Evernote work for me.

I collect a lot of links and images from the web. I’m a visual person so pictures articulate so many things to me more clearly than words and triggers my imagination. I get lots of ideas for what I do from images. I had three different hard drives or pieces of equipment that held these images. My phone, my lap top and my desk top. Nothing had been synced, shared or consolidated and my artistic world was scattered and messy.

Evernote only allows 1 gig of storage per month unless you become a premium user  at $5.00 per month or $45.00 per year. Cheaper than the paper planners I used to buy with tons more storage space. So if you have tons to upload, you should Go Premium.

Once you have an Evernote account, download Evernote to all the devices you use and sync them. This way, you are working, organizing and functioning out of ONE central system that can be accessed from any of your devices.

The first thing I did was upload all the images from my hard drives and phone. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to organize them but I did know what it was about each image that inspired me or gave me ideas for other projects. This is how I came up with  “tags” which will be the key words I use within Evernote to search my database.

Then I started to organize my project ideas, pictures and bookmarks. Here is the first step.

2011 BattyKitten is my annual project calendar, here is where I put all the projects I want to do and the sketches, resources and plans in by month. The goal is that I will be able to prioritize my projects by month, short term, less immediate and long term.

First create your main notebook, I called mine 2011 BattyKitten. Then I created the monthly notebooks then “stacked” them with the 2011 BattyKitten. The month number was added before the name so that Evernote would list them in order by month instead of alphabetically. Notice October is on top. This is something I will just have to live with. After your

In the May 2011 note book, I created a new “note” by going to my current Google calendar and clipping the webpage and tagging and filing it accordingly. This way, when I am in May’s notebook, I have my calendar quickly available to me on any device. (I am sure I will need to log in to my gmail account to view this).

For each month I will write my schedules, plan my projects, import my ideas from photos taken of napkin drawings, scribbled on note cards and whatever else I need to stay focused to complete these projects.

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