A little cold to bring it back to home

I detest being ill. Having inflamation in my head and sinus cavity roadblock mixed with the confusing drip of snot makes me super grumpy. Addititonally the faint taste of salty flem trickles down the back of the throat and when trying to hack it up like a hair ball, I cough uncontrollably yet the flem stays cemented. It’s congestion thats so tight it causes me to tear up a little.

I’m a needy “sick” person. I want tea, soup, body massages and constant companionship; if that can’t happen, the dog will do.

I want life to stop in my honor with loud annoucements, ” Oh Cat, get well soon! Until then, we will postpone all the exciting events that you are too weary to attend.” Dream as I might and in spite of such deep seeded selfishness I also have an unexplainable joy that gurgles inside of me as I flip through albums on FB, Google+ and other social sites.

Seeing all of my friends and the beautiful color they add to life and those around them is medicine enough to make me want to join the ranks. So I wear a bunny hat on my head, slippers on my feet and rap up in my favorite fuzzy blanket while holding a tissue box in one hand and a “will get well for hugs” sign in the other.

But really, even though I am still hacking, sneezing with a side of general puniness. On the bright side, in spite of the lingering cold and missing the 1st Annual Quitting Station yesterday; I cleaned and organized 2 rooms, (complete disaster before I started), cooked lunch and dinner for my boys, washed, folded AND put away all laundry then found the energy to futz with my blog.

All these ‘in home’ disasters are a result of all the summer fun, multiple camping trips and business that has caused us to leave one pile after another like little traps for the creative interns to deal with. Only there aren’t any interns. I think it took a cold and me being homebound to actually notice the mess.

Bored anyone?

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