Meet Bunny Freedom

This is Bunny Freedom.  A tiny little bundle of fur with a speedy ticker and whiskers that would make any cat jealous. She was rescued by my darling from a local pet store. Ridiculous, I know ! When we brought her to me I squealed like an eight year old girl.

This is how it happened. We went to local pet store to stock up on our monthly supply of dog food. After we looked at all the caged critters, fish and dog toys we meandered to the checkout. While paying and talking to the cashier, I looked down at an aquarium  and as soon as I did, a tiny little pink and white nose peeped out. Her big black eyes and delicate round ears all perked up and she watched me as I greeted her through the glass. I rubbed the glass like I would if I were rubbing her cuteness. We inquired about the cost of her. $6.00 was the clerks reply.

The manager of the store was standing at the next register and said she had been returned because she was pregnant. I didn’t ask what happened to her babies.  Isn’t that sad?!! Look how cute she is!

We looked at each other and entertained the idea of caring for such tenderness but talked ourselves out of the responsibility and went about our lives.

The following day, yesterday, Election Day.  I told Tex over coffee about a dream I had. We had the hamster as a pet, and I named her Bunny.

Tex went on some errands and stopped by a thrift store. Thrift store diversions are often part of our errand runs. While Lovey was at the thrift store, he came across a hamster cage. $5.00. Yep, he bought it and drove straight to the pet store  Bought the miniature bundle of cute and brought her home.


I name her Bunny Freedom.

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