Rescue ducklings last day

While driving down a California highway this beautiful Memorial Day weekend we halted at the sight of ducklings trying to find their way from harms way. My guy risked his own safety ( boys and girls do not try this at home) to herd these babies back into a cluster and into the safety of our car.

Once traffic was stopped, hearts were racing and duckies safely collected and scooped up into a vinyl lunch bag, ( I know! Right? But it’s what we had in the back of the car, we weren’t planning on eating them!) and we were off.

Once we caught our breath we used our mobile smarts to locate wild life rescue services.  But no on answered, we later found out they are open everyday of the year. But no one answered and we didn’t want to drive to a location when we thought no one would be there to receive such a package.

We managed to keep 3 of the 4 little guys a live until we were able to deliver them safely to the local Aquatic Bird Rescue. I was also told, that rescued ducklings have a greater chance of survival in their care than in the wild where they cannot fend for themselves and mommy duck can provide little protection. This is why mommy duck lays a cluster of eggs. They will live at the drop off facility and be cared for until they are starting to fly. I was told this would be in about 6 to 8 weeks of age.  Then the ducklings will be transported to a huge pond used for rehabilitation with other duckling orphans and they can form their own family, learn to fly and one day fly away together.

Last minute before running out the door this cuteness was captured so we could remember just how small and precious all life is.

Enjoy! I hope it makes you smile.

These little ones fit in one hand.

Their heads are about the size of a large grape.

Their bills are the size of my index fingernail.



This is one of my favorites.

The ducklings had just finished eating and playing in their pyrex dish pond so they were wet with little dots of food on them.

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