DIY: Black and White Striped Curtains on a Budget

As you know I have an infactuation with black and white. After purusing the decorating sites through the Google… I decided that I wanted black and white striped fabric for the closet curtain and behind the bed window.  I priced the fabric I wanted and it was from @20.00 to $30.00 per yard. No Way. I don’t think I would have spent this if I wasn’t on a budget. Not for this. Maybe for furniture.

I went to the local fabric store. JoAnn Fabric Store. (they did not pay me to say this) to see what I could find.  It was my lucky day. I found a bolt of white drapery fabric and a bolt of black that were the same exact style. So I bought enough yardage of each of them and went home.

I think I poured myself a drink, cleared off the kitchen island, got out the rotary cutter and the t-ruler and measured the length of the fabric, every six inches and cut all of it into strips. This took 2 hours.

Next I started stitching black, white, black white.

I had to be careful to measure the seam allowance and keep it straight as I sewed down the length of each strip.

I will be finishing the curtains tomorrow, So I will finish the post and add the finished photo soon.

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