Painting veneer covered furniture

After the move, we decided that we needed a few more dressers for our bedroom, so I went to my used furniture source, Craigslist. I found these three pieces for $100.00, a little more than I wanted to spend, but they were in such good shape I didn’t try to dicker.

Here are the before pictures when I was getting ready to sand, primer and paint.

So prep is the most important part of painting non wood surfaces. I used my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander and Norton Corner Cat replacement pads that my sweetheart picked up for me at the Home Depot in the neighborhood.  I think he chose this one cause it says “Cat”.

First sand the surface of your veneer furniture. The idea isn’t to sand all the way through the veneer, but to scuff away the glossy surface and give your primer something to adhere to.

Next primer. I used Kilz Sealer, Primer, Stain blocker in water base latex, with a sponge roller to glide the primer on without brush streaks. You could use a spray primer.  I chose to go with what I had in my supply cabinet and it worked just fine.

Once the primer had set, after 2-3 hours. (Some primers suggest longer, and I was  antsy to get the furniture in the house for fear of rain) We ( I got help from my guy) coated it with black Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x until there was a smooth solid finish.

After photos will be coming soon, so hang on tight!

Currently the furniture is in it’s home, but that part of the house isn’t unpacked yet.  It’s totally a pit.

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