Paper Mache Masks

Today’s medium is paper mache. I have been feeling creative but have been battling a cold and didn’t have loads of energy to exert. Sitting at the table and cutting and pasting paper like I learned in primer school seemed about my speed. Only this time I wouldn’t be dancing in my seat with the 8 year old excitement of lunch and recess in 15 minutes. Instead I sneezed from my cold a lot. Like 80 times.

Due to my stuffy head and little oxygen to have any clear thoughts, I didn’t have a plan. I just knew that I would like some sort of helmet hat if you will and started cutting and pasting onto a Styrofoam mannequin head.

Flowers and leaves were my inspiration so I started with cutting and layering a bunch of cut outs to get the positioning ideal. I added horns that were made previously with air drying foam clay by Crayola.

Now it’s time to paint and put the final touches on. I haven’t decided just what to do with it yet, so I am leaving it on a project table where I see it everyday waiting for more inspiration.

[updated August 9, 2011]

I promised that I would post finished photos of the Fairy Helmet when I finished painting it and she’s all done!

It’s paper! But it looks like metal!

It’s pretty fantastic huh?

I used metallic finger nail polish in several different shades.  I chose were fuchsia, teal blue, green, and purple. I simply scribbled the colors on in various places with the applicator brush straight from the bottle. Nothing fancy.

When that dried I dry brushed a black water based stain to give it’s cracks and crevices depth.

When the stain dried, I rubbed a patina paste on the leaves and clay horns with my fingers.  Then with a wash of copper Gouache I brushed the copper over everything. But didn’t COVER all the other layers of paints. The goal was to give it a “dusting” of copper to make one think it IS copper.

I think it turned out lovely.



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