Vintage Inspired Feather and Floral Headpieces

I’m excited to announce that BattyKitten has opened its virtual doors! Everyone say “YAY!”

I have created a series of vintage inspired 1930’s and 1940’s headpieces. Each are created on a fabric base that is hand sewn by moi with an elastic section that rests just within the nape line of your hair.

I was thinking pure COMFORT and stability when I constructed these headbands.  Often I have found that headband head pieces tend to wobble or move if there is a significant weight on them. My headbands are secure and will not move as long as they are snug on your head. (IF you have a significantly small cranium, you may want to ping me directly so I can adjust the strap upon your purchase.)

Get headaches?

Plastic or metal headbands give me headaches because they rest just behind the ear with that ever uncomfortable constant pressure. There’s that tricky limited window of time that I can wear them before having to take them off, often  removing such frills from my head while still at an event. If you are like me, removing a headpiece at an event is almost the same as removing a crucial piece of clothing.

Always leaves me feeling naked.

Each piece is unique and though they maybe similar in appearance. No two headpieces are alike.

Purchase yours now for gifts, holiday parties, the Edwardian Ball, New Year’s Eve, dancing, belly dance costume, burlesque costumes or just to glam up any day of the week.

The headband is sewn with decorative fabric and lined with felt for flexible structure support then carefully decorated.

The basic structure of the headband:



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