Meet Bunny Freedom

This is Bunny Freedom.  A tiny little bundle of fur with a speedy ticker and whiskers that would make any cat jealous. She was rescued by my darling from a local pet store. Ridiculous, I know ! When we brought …

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Happiness Quest: The Power of Now

Major life choices such as religion, education, sexuality are all predetermined for you based on the ideas, morals and traditions of those in charge of your upbringing.   As small innocent children we are thrown into a world predicted and determined …


Numbing Vulnerablity to Cover up the Shame

One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.                ~ G. K. Chesterton

The shitty things that happen in my life usually precede a spiritual breakthrough of sorts. I attribute it to my desire to be …

Universal Yearning

Hoping you have a bigger and better future is most likely a huge incentive for you to wake up everyday; better friends, better life experiences, MORE fun and enjoyment , hope to repair relationships, hope for that dream job and  …


Positively Always Evolving

Having a positive attitude isn’t the easiest thing for me to maintain.  My positive attitude has needed constant adjustment and tuning. CONSTANT.


I’m a pretty deep emotional thinker. I take it to the level of pure empathetic reflection, I …