Wholester at Betabrand: Wholester is expanding!

Exciting News for Wholester.com! I’m expanding my business! And you can help!

I have worked with San Francisco’s Betabrand to come up with an Exclusive Betabrand Wholester.
First, I need to collect 100 votes!  THAT’s ALL! Please vote for  my Wholester :-) It’s important to get the 100 votes ASAP. Which shows Betabrand a HIGH level of interest in the product.
Then an exclusive Betabrand prototype will be made.
After I have 100 votes for Wholester. We will move to protyping and crowdfunding. This is the stage where you can actually buy the Exclusive Betabrand Wholester. Once it is completely funded, it will be produced in San Francisco and drop shipped to your door,  and be offered as one of their available products @ Betabrand.com.
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UPDATE: Wholester ran a successful campaign and have we have sold over 300 Wholesters thru Betabrand!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
aka BattyKitten
I am still personally sewing custom Wholesters.
Oh! Ben and Maci are the models.
Tex took the photos for me, while I styled the shots!
Go team!

Consciousness Explorer, Love Gifter, Dreamer and Bad Ass Facilitator of Awesome. I started BattyKitten to document my life's adventure.

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