Wholester Wears with Suits

Look sharp and live smart. Wholester pairs perfectly with business wear. Wholester single sided sling/belt looks great with suiting.  I’m getting a lot of inquiries about Wholester’s wearability, I’m happy to report that its multi-purposeful and multi-functional especially when looking SMART is important. Give yourself peace of mind, keeping your valuables close and secure. Carry your favorite sized moleskin notebook (Dimensions (in): 3.5 x 5.5), iPad mini, cell phone, car keys and ear buds, money, credit cards all in one easy to wear, easy to reach pocket.

Here’s my Betabrand design looking smarter than ever under this gorgeous navy blue blazer.

Wholester wears suits well

Custom Wholesters are made in our Bay Area Studio. Order custom Wholesters on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/battykitten


Wholester is slim fitting, comfortable and won’t wrinkle your threads with a heavy bulky strap. All Betabrand Wholesters are adjustable with a handsome tarnished silver buckle.


As long as there isn’t an elephant in your bag, it’s a slim profile.


For extra security, sling Wholester over your body, under your suit. Go ahead! Try it!

And don’t forget, Betabrand sells Wholester exclusively at their online store! 

Thank you!


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