WHY? Why The Nose?

My love, Tex, wears a clown nose in public. He has a website called WhyTheNose.com where he documents his encounters and takes photos of those The Nose inspires. He has been doing it for 3 years now. It definitely is a team project. Tex wears the nose, I facilitate awesome. We meet lots of people through the project and have been able to contribute to others lives in various ways. Recently we were interviewed by a few news papers and Ignite.me and online zine for Burning Man culture.

Both Newspaper articles got information wrong and one I think is particularly sloppy but regardless the project is getting noticed more and that’s good.

This is the Ignite.me article. I really love the format of the article and think it was executed nicely. Thank you Pamela!

photo courtesy of Tex at www.portraYOU.com

Two of the local newspaper articles were nice but neither had all their facts correct.

Times Herald and Oakland Tribune.

It will be interesting to see where The Nose takes us next.



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